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Joey Coleman, Creating Remarkable Experiences for Employees: A Journey of Engagement - Innova.Buzz 588





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    We welcome back to the InnovaBuzz Podcast, Joey Coleman, author of Never Lose a Customer Again and Never Lose an Employee again. Joey helps companies keep their customers and employees. Joey is a passionate advocate for enhancing customer and employee experiences. He encourages people to move beyond transactional interactions and create transformational connections. Joey believes in the power of going the extra mile to make personal and emotional connections, and offers tips and techniques to help others achieve this. His mission is to inspire people to think differently about the experiences they create for others.

    In our conversation Joey shares valuable insights on enhancing employee experiences. Here are three key takeaways from our conversation:

    • Embrace the Power of AI: Joey reminds us that new technologies like AI have historically augmented rather than replaced human jobs. By welcoming these advancements, businesses can unlock opportunities for more humanity in work.
    • Implement a Buddy System: Joey highlights the importance of establishing a buddy program early in an employee's journey. This simple yet impactful gesture fosters commitment, productivity, and retention, benefiting both junior employees and senior executives.
    • Create a Culture of Appreciation: By making employees feel seen, heard, and acknowledged, organizations can cultivate loyal, committed, and engaged teams. Celebrating milestones and valuing contributions goes a long way in creating a happy and fulfilling workplace.

    By valuing employees and creating remarkable experiences, we can foster a work culture that is both inspiring and productive!